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Could it be?!?!?

Yes! It's been a long time coming and several new flavors are on the horizon! Initially, we will be including them as your samples to give you all a teaser of the goodness that is to come in the next few weeks!

 We will also be adding more options to customize your eJuice. Smaller increments in the lower nicotine levels for all you drippers, and YES a new 50ml SIZE!

Changes have already began on some products, so please double check your selections to make sure you are ordering what you want! 1mg, 2mg, 3mg, 4mg, and 5mg nicotine levels and the new 50ml bottle size are both soon to be options on ALL Ejuice flavors!

Some flavor names and pictures have changed! Please take a second to find your favorite in case it goes by a new name.

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